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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys For Men Are Still Minority In The Industry

United States - January 29th, 2008: A recent research showed that in spite the growing of the sex toy industry around the world, most of the production of masturbation toys is female-oriented. 

This fact seems odd, once most items of sex industry in general, from sexual entertainment to porn movies and internet porn are specially suited for men.

While women have plenty of options of stimulation, male masturbation toys are still very limited. In fact, most male toys are designed for being used in partner sex, rather than only masturbation, being ***** rings, the most popular male toys available a good example. Among other toys available, the most common are the so called flesh-lights, which is a toy that resembles a flashlight but with a vagina, anus or female mouth instead of a bulb. Penis sleeves and the so called “monkey-spanker” may be not so popular, but they are pointed as good alternatives. Some people say the monkey spanker is one of the most pleasurable toys in the market.


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