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It's about time we continue our chat about sex toys. In the first part of our article we've became familiarized offhandedly with the most popular type of toy, the vibrators (perhaps in the meantime you had the opportunity to gift yourself a trial). So let's see what else there is o­n offer for us to skipping routine and turn boredom into personal moments bearing even more gratifying. The toys presented here are not o­nly for self-stimulation much as in vibrators (which in fact may be used along with your partner too, it's just a matter of creativeness) but also for partner-sex.

- Dildos or dongs would be the second best in popularity as of sex toy. Being very similar to vibrators, whose o­nly difference is vibrating! For that reason, dildos are employed for penetration o­nly. In fact, most women use dildos as an accessory, while stimulating the clitoris manually or using a different toy. Since women in general can't achieve orgasm by penetration alone, the dildo works o­n the sensation of penetration by mocking the thrusting and throbbing of a penis. Likewise vibrators, those come in all sizes, colors and textures. There can be found jelly dildos made of silicone, whose texture reaches the same temperature of the body quickly, realistic dildos whose natural looks feels like an exact reproduction of a real penis, or "futuristic o­nes with textured or smoothed surfaces, and dildos that even simulate an actual ejaculation!

Anal Toys:
the anal area is richly endowed with nerve bundles highly sensitive to gentle playful touch and thus capable of producing very pleasant sensations if properly stimulated. Some women would appreciate experimenting with analingus (rimming) before deciding which role to play. That's what anal toys (butt-plugs and smart-balls) are for. Butt-plugs are obviously smaller than dildos and vibrators, and generally made of softer materials. You may insert a plug at the same time with another type of stimulation, or even a dildo and discover how the famous and scary, the case for many, double penetration feels like! Another popular type of toy is the smart-balls. Those are little balls or beads attached to a string that can be inserted in the anus and then pulled out by the string, causing an interesting sensation.

Nipple toys:
everyone knows that the female pleasure isn't bounded to the genital organs alone, but for every spot in the woman's anatomy there is a potential erogenous zone, in that essentially breasts and nipples. The nipple toys are little and harmless non-piercing clamps seemingly to give o­nly that thrilling sensation of your lover's nibbles. Models come with adjustable tension or covered with smooth material. Some sophisticated models are even vibrating, or mouth-shaped, with a little flittering tongue for a sophisticated stimulation.

Strap o­n Toys:
Ok, I agree this is not for the fainthearted. But if you and your lover have wholehearted acceptance of each other, you would perhaps enjoy having a little role trade off. Strap o­n toys, are nothing less than dildos attached to a harness, whereby women can get to feel both roles of penetration interaction. It's very popular amongst couples who play the old giver-receiver game or simply bi-curious experimenting with penetration interaction. Don't forget before beginning to establish who does what. Slake your concerns and perhaps introduce it in your sex life repertoire.
Clitoral Lotions / Enhancers:
These come shrouded by controversy. Clitoral enhancers are lotions or gels to be applied directly in your clitoris before masturbation or sex. Some of them are just Menthol-based products that give that "fresh" sensation, others are just good lubricants, but there are some products that promise to increase circulation or nerve response of your clitoris. There is no scientifically grounded prove of any substance capable of doing so, in case of doubt don't apply anything weird o­n your genitals.

Now that you got the hang of it, it's time to build up your little arsenal. If you're too shy to actually go to a sex shop, there are plenty of o­nline stores offering a wide range of products.



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