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United States - May 29th, 2006: A recent research proved that sex toys and masturbation devices in general could be more effective if projected in a different way. Or at least, they should be created by a team of designers of a different gender.

The research found out that the vast majority of sex toys are created by men and reveal a male misconception about female masturbation. Even with the wide diversity of sex toys from today and the advances in technology, the market for masturbation devices is still dominated by two mandatory functions: vibration and penis shape. Any woman would know, however, that either vibration or a penis is requirement for a good orgasm.

Specialists say that if women were consulted about designs, asked to “test-drive” sex toys prototypes or even included as developers, the sex toy market would present alternatives that would be more fun, less priapic, and free of the “cucumber-shaped” cliché that dominates sex stores today.


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