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Canada - September 18th, 2006: More and more the wide variety of materials used in masturbation toys is worrying specialists when it comes to potential side effects of some substances used.

Currently, the biggest issue refers to some rubber masturbation toys that contain a substance called phthalates, which accordingly to tests, has very harmful side effects. This substance was also used in children’s chew toys, which were removed from the market. Specialists say that users should buy masturbation toys made of Elastomer, a completely inert substance. The problem is that many manufacturers do not include the complete list of components in the toy’s boxes.

It is recommended to clean such toys with hydrogen peroxide, although the substance may damage the toy if used too often. Masturbation toys which are made of different substances such as silicon are more recommended and easier to keep clean. Other sexologists also say that covering the toy with a condom it’s the best solution.


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