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Sweden - April 11th, 2007: A Swedish company called Lelo, designer of masturbation toys decided to redesign the common masturbation toys to give them a more appealing look.

This is a new company’s strategy especially for Valentine’s, producers say. While some say that the new line of products it’s only the same old thing in a new package, some people point it as the greatest thing happened in the masturbation toy industry this year. The new line give masturbation devices a look more attracting to women, with subtle sizes, a less cheesy design and nicknames such as Nea or Lily.

The star of the new line of masturbation toys is a little black toy which is ergonomically designed and called Lelo Valentine. The toy works with 16 different speeds to give different sensations during masturbation and comes in a special pink and discreet packaging. Having the word “love” scrawled right at the pleasure point makes the masturbation toy a perfect gift for men who want to show they care about their partner’s pleasure in a very sexy and subtle way.


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