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Washington, USA - August 29th, 2007: The prohibition of selling masturbation and sex toys may see its end soon, thanks to the efforts of a woman.

Sheri Williams is an owner of adult stores in Decatur and Huntsville and she’s appealing to the Supreme Court to finish the ban on selling masturbation devices and other sex toys in the state of Alabama. She claims that the ban is unconstitutional and it’s actually an intrusion into people’s bedrooms.

Williams also claims to be an absurd that the government is able to prohibit a person to explore her sexuality and to have pleasure with a masturbation toy just because it’s an act considered immoral for some. She states: “A little vibrating piece of rubber can't possibly harm anyone”. A solicitor from Alabama attorney general office’s on the other hand, said that “the law is constantly based on notions of morality”.

The masturbation toy enthusiast however, also responded to that argument saying that notions of morality are relative when it comes to the morals of different people and based on different eras.


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