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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys May Beat Real Partners When It Comes To Satisfaction

United States - April 11th, 2007: A research showed that some women actually believe that masturbation toys may be more efficient “partners” for sexual stimulation than men.

What may sound scary to men has an explanation: they seem to be failing in fulfilling women’s sexual needs. Accordingly with the research, it’s not the case of women giving up their real relationships to get off with masturbation toys, but women are enjoying romance and closeness with their partners while using masturbation for sexual satisfaction.

Some women actually report that relationships are getting too complicated these days. Masturbation toys are easy to deal with, and they don’t cheat, say women. In fact, the research found some women who even use masturbation toys to alleviate the frustration of their real life relationships. Specialists remind that masturbation was believed to be treatment for psychological problems during the 1880’s, since it helped women to relax, and that is very alarming to see women using masturbation in a similar way today, to get off their frustration with love.


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