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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys Now Becoming A Daily Accessory For Every Japanese Women

Japan - January 30th, 2006: Vibrators, dildos and other types of masturbation toys are becoming so popular in Japan after companies started to avoid the sleazy image that they used to have in the past and that they are in fact being treated as accessories that every Japanese woman carries on her handbag on a daily basis.

Now called “adult goods”, they are being sold in regular stores and having shapes and features more appealing to women, no longer limiting to the egg-shaped or phallic models. Now they can imitate the human skin in texture and temperature, have cute shapes and colors and even ones that emit a sweet smell when used.

This is a proof of how the erotic market has evolved in Japan, as sales of some sex shops increased nothing less than 200% more than last year. Sex toys and masturbation accessories are no longer a “big thing” to embarrass people, but a common and daily accessory such as lipstick and hairbrush.


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