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United Kingdom - December 13th, 2007: An organization called Rabbit Amnesty is drawing attention thanks to a very unusual method of recycling materials.

A new legislation in the country requires that electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed at waste centers, in order to diminish the impact caused for such materials in the environment. However, the several types of “dead” electrical equipment don’t include only toasters or sound systems. Vibrators and other batter-operated sex toys should be also disposed of properly.

Rabbit Amnesty is a masturbation toy recycling scheme that allows people to anonymously send their “dead” masturbation toys to be later recycled by specialists in waste electrical equipment. The initiative was well received both by the recycling industry and sex toy users. At the same time the organization is giving a proper end to several electronic components, plastic, rubber and other environmentally hazardous materials, it’s avoiding embarrassment situations for users. In addition, users who send their masturbation toys to Rabbit Amnesty would receive a half-price discount in buying a new toy.


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