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Canada - December 13th, 2006: Researches are pointing that masturbation toys are starting to be seen as real aids for couples in Canada. Once regarded as something used only by “naughty” single people, and were sold as “personal body massage” in old catalogues where in spite of their obvious shape, toys were showed massaging a person’s neck.

Sex toys are now being used by young and straightforward couples and single women who actually report to sometimes giving up a date than having some fun with her vibrator. People today consider masturbation toys essential to a good sex life, rather than something for the perverted or plain fetish items.

Specialists also point the internet as essential for this change in the way sex toys are perceived by people in the country. Technology has making masturbation devices more interactive and playful, also, contributing to their popularization. The last innovation is a computerized model which memorizes your preferred moves to repeat them whenever you wish.


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