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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys Stolen From Sexologist's Car

Israel - January 29th, 2007: A funny yet interesting case involving masturbation toys happened recently with a renowned local sexologist.

Shelly Pasternak parked her car in one street in Tel Aviv and returned some time later, only to discover that thieves broke into her car to steal two metallic cases, which surprisingly contained a collection of masturbation toys, including 40 vibrators, a dildo, massage oils, handcuffs, whips, a blindfold and Chinese balls. She told the police that apparently, thieves had no idea that they were stealing masturbation toys, as the metallic cases were very similar to cases used to transport audio equipment.

Pasternak is a well known sexologist in the country, having a TV program in which she claimed to give advice to several celebrities from Israel. She focuses primarily on the use of masturbation toys. Although the financial loss for all her material, the sexologist says she is actually more concerned with the accounting books which were also on the cases, full of confidential information about her clients.


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