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United Kingdom - January 23, 2006: British supermarkets will never be the same now that the sale of such brand of products is unleashed. Supermarket chain Asda, o­ne of the biggest in the country has announced that will start to sell sex toys, and accessories for masturbation (particularly vibrators) o­n their 300 stores spread across the U.K.

Accordingly to the marketing manager for the healthcare and pharmaceuticals division, this decision is more of a response to a demand from customers than a modernization in the habitual sale practices of the supermarket business. He also says that it's a sign of times, now that sexual attitudes have changed so dramatically.

The demand for sexual toys in supermarket shows that both men and women seek to buy those accessories in a more comfortable and usual place, more than entering a flashy and overrated environment of a sex shop. However, the supermarket chain also announced that such products will be discretely packaged, to avoid other customers to feel offended.


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