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Columbia, United States - May 24th, 2006: A bill proposed by Republican Ralph Davenport is due to make the sale of masturbation devices or sex toys illegal in the state. The law is not yet approved, but if it is, stores which sell masturbation toys will face up a fine of $10.000, and proprietors up to five years of prison.

Sex shop owners are concerned with the possibility of having their business threatened. They claim that even pastor shop in such stores, sending couples with marriage problems to shop for toys as a counsel. In addition, they believe that people have the right to engage in any sexual practice they want in the privacy of their home, what makes such bill very controversial.

Obviously, the laws don’t punish people who own a sex toy, but only people and places where devices used for specific means of masturbation are sold. However, the law was not yet approved, and due to receive strong backlash from sex shop owners.


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