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United States - May 19th, 2006:Once in a while, some website becomes highly known and famous among daily internet surfers. This time, it’s a website about masturbation. Although everyone knows that there are in fact thousands (maybe even millions) of porn sites out there, this one it’s different: it’s not pornography, but masturbation treated as an actual human feature.

The French site called features nothing less than videos of people having orgasms while masturbating. However, it’s all treated with curiosity, or even beauty. There’s no nudity, and people are viewed up from their shoulders. It is surprisingly interesting to see the face expressions and facial contortion of people in complete ecstasy. Not to mention the sounds, which may be provocative, to say the least. Variation it’s the aspect that surprises the most, showing how masturbation can be different for each people. There are also confession videos, from the “actors” talking about sex and masturbation, what makes the experience even more interesting. A great and interesting website to check out.


This site does not contain photographic pornography but some content and outside links may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

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