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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Week 2007 Draws Near

San Francisco, United States – May 23th, 2007: In the end of May, San Francisco will witness the event that it’s quickly becoming the most celebrated time of the year for masturbation, and also for sexuality in general.

The so called “masturbate-a-thon” it’s literally a celebration to masturbation and accordingly with its presenters at the Center for Sex and Culture, aims to show masturbation as not only a healthy and normal aspect of sexuality, but also something that everyone should fully enjoy and have fun with.

And apparently, fun is actually the motif of the masturbation event, as it turns out to be a real competition. Among the several events that will take place during the masturbate-a-thon we may find for example a “longest squirt distance” competition, where participants will engage in masturbation to see how long their “sexual fluids” may go. Surprisingly, this category it’s not reserved to men only. Other competitions include longest time masturbation (which current record it’s 8 hours, by a man) and most orgasms (current record reaching 6 orgasms for men and nothing less than 49 for women).


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