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United States - March 15th, 2006: One of the weirdest theories ever, resulted in a product that this month celebrates its hundredth anniversary. Very few people in fact know that the Kellog’s Corn Flakes were invented as a treatment for masturbation, but it was in fact the idea of Doctor John Harvey Kellog back in 1906.

Besides being a pioneering nutritionist, Dr. Kellog was a Seventh Day Adventist who considered masturbation as self abuse, bringing several health problems. In fact, he didn’t approve sex at all (it’s said that he never had consummated his marriage).

With the corn flake being discovered by accident when some soaked dough was left out overnight,

Dr. Kellog believed that nutrition was essential to prevent young men from being inclined to masturbate. Thus, when some soaked dough was left out overnight at his whole-grain cereal company, it was the birth of the cornflake. The theories of Dr. Kellog might be odd, but his legacy ended up as a blessing for our daily breakfast.


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