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By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

There’s nothing like a good watery session for the mind and the body getting back into fitness. Disregarding of the mode whether shower head or proper bath, the best temperature remains Luke-warm and so does coziness the name of the game. Sex or masturbation at shower time there is, could well become a ritual of sheer lust, special and funky, even more so since the ultimate-goal aimed probing the senses.

On top of bursting yourself with lust from last night rebounds. Then his hands didn’t feel as if pressing the right bottom and so longing on the thought of his sex squashed warmly against your breasts meanwhile asking for more.

While undressing keep looking at yourself in the mirror, pace yourself up to catch up with those sex throbs induced by both fantasy fostering and ongoing blood engorging sexual pathways. Another sip on the wine and your breasts would feel like ready to blow up, it’s time to get under the water and play along with own biological assets. As it so happens keeping companionship would be even better, ‘cause’ then, you’ve already been admired and find yourself standing tall on a well-spotted ego-trip.

Meanwhile backdrop music would only take the right tune to get things moving. Combine Aromatherapy with chromaticity and get set for a mind-blowing sex-trip within yourself. The body will react positively by swaying so-throbbing in pace likewise, almost rhythmically. Feel yourself pump up and let that positive vibration sweep through your body thoroughly;  by the beat of a drum hearing the devil’s trombones, its so-melody and pounding rhythm goes right into your heart therefore the senses overriding in self-induced sexual trance.

 Channel up on sensitive-prone spots. It’s time for masturbation. Let the scents and color matching take you aback as if dreaming could make up for lagging behind. With so much falling on the mind so does imagery by sending sought after far away places within workout.

Have your partner playing vulgarly with himself while enjoying yourself at it. Try and probe yourself randomly along with different range of textures and shapes yet compatible to personal figure as thought. Respect general morphology at the same time make the most out of it. Then let yourself in for sampling safely on every conceivable sex position without the hassle of a demanding partner. Instead, this is exactly when we find ourselves up against the most favorable backdrop for self-stimulation and goldbricking, sexually speaking. If getting wet turns you on give it a go. There might be found release for streaks of tension built up along the day.

By then could already give our beloved vagina a good rub or simply softly patted on and ever so gently stroked about the Venus mound. Something most women would agree on playing with our skin folds feels so good while wet and moisten. Yearn as heightened sex delight. Thus creativity is left hanging for the female reasoning alone, given the multitude of options within toiletry range as it were.  In that the fingers or sex-device aided inserted in every body cavity to see how it would feel-like now that’s all lubricated. This is how I came about my own figured out sex-toy and so far can’t simply find one that fits so well. Incidentally, turned bathing-time of others into sexual affairs whether solo, mutual or else.


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