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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation With Cars Seems To Be More Common Than Expected

United Kigdom - April 04th, 2007: A man created a website on the internet to explain his techniques on how to “make love” with cars, what’s drawing the attention to some unusual masturbation techniques.

Using masturbation with objects is common, either to give different sensations once in a while or in a regular basis. Using cars, in the other hand, is unusual to say the least, and the more surprising is that Chris, the creator of the website claims to have already met other 500 car-masturbation enthusiasts, thanks to the page.

When talking about his masturbation customs, Chris says that making love with a car is an intense experience, and points out the smells, feelings, noises as his favorite things in this masturbation technique. And the 38 years old man goes even further. He claims to have performed masturbation with two motorboats and a jet ski. However, some specialists say that performing masturbation with cars may be sometimes dangerous, since it deals with heat, fuel and metal parts.


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