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United States - February 3rd, 2006: A man was arrested last Wednesday, accused of exposing himself to two 14 year old girls and to a school employee outside the Yelm Middle School. The happening occurred Tuesday and the two teenagers reported that they were approached by the suspect, separately. He was driving a golden car and stopped to ask for informations. The girls said they saw him pulling down his pants and handing his genitals.

The police alerted the communityís schools and kept patrolling all around. The suspect went back to the Middle School Wednesday and did the same thing he did with the girls, to a 51 year old school employee, who kept calm and has the accuracy to copy down his license plate number and gave it to the police. Bout an hour later, another victim (a 24 year-old woman) said that she was approached by a man asking for information, and, quickly pulled down his pants.

The suspectís name is Lasookwiuk C. Stepetin, 20, and he was arrested in the Nisqually jail o­n suspicion of indecent exposure. In fact, he already had been arrested for similar offenses, the police said. Stepetin told officers a friend dared him to pull the August prank. Police confiscated the sex aid and a loaded rifle found in the car, police reports say. However, Stepetinís case didnít go very far in the Municipal Court, because the law requires proof that he made threats. The prosecutor also was unable to pursue charges of indecent exposure because Stepetin had never actually displayed his private parts, Lacey city prosecutor Joe Svoboda said.

Stepetinís story version goes another way: He was going to drop his wife off at work (At Yelm). He also said that he didnít show his penis, purposely. He claimed that he was driving around with his pants down because he had a yeast infection and his doctor had advised him to ďair it outĒ as much as possible.
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