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Most people still regard masturbation as a sole activity, something that has to be done in private as a simple replacement for partner sex. The truth is that masturbation may be actually included in the regular sex play as a fun and creative way to spice up things in bed and skip routine. Masturbation can be not just a regular part of foreplay that always lead to penetration as people generally does, but a way to please your partner without being worried about positions, contraceptive methods and so o­n.

The main reason why most people reject mutual masturbation as the main activity in bed is the general idea that sex always have to end up with penetration. There's also the fear of how the partner will react. Unfortunately, it's not everyone who feels pleased with the idea of mutual masturbation, and feel like it's just a waste of time.

You may divide a session of mutual masturbation in stages, the same way you would do with "regular" sex. You and your partner may start putting o­n a little show. Sit across the room for each other and start to provoke your partner. Start to masturbate while your partner is watching you and ask him to masturbate while you're watching. Ask your partner to do or say things to you while you're pleasing yourself. Enjoy the feeling of watching your partner without being able to touch him. It's also a perfect moment to learn how your partner likes to be masturbated. Observe the way he's touching himself and try to simulate or adapt these moves when it's your turn to masturbate him. A little "show and tell" lesson may be very stimulating.

After this masturbation-foreplay, the couple may move to the actual mutual masturbation, using what they observed to please each other. Both of you can start masturbating each other at the same time or take turns, what's also a great idea for guys who deal with premature ejaculation. When he's almost there, stop the flood and ask for exclusive attention, ensuring a little extra time for both. If you prefer, masturbate at the same time as your partner it's also a great option. As you may have a better control of the intensity of stimulation, it's easier to find a way to both of you reach orgasm at the same time.

Don't be shy to also include some toys in the play. Surprise your partner and introduce him to new sensations by bringing a vibe or a dildo to bed. Just keep in mind that lubrication is essential and that you should always use different condoms if you want to share the toy with each other.

For some couples, mutual masturbation may require a certain level of intimacy and trust, but it's a great way to develop the communication between the couple, open the door to other experiences and increase the desire. Mutual masturbation is also an excellent option for virgin girls that want to enjoy something more sexual with their partners and feel not ready for sexual intercourse, and as a good way to become comfortable with the idea.

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