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United States 10th.September. 2005.-Martha Cornog, the award winning editor of “Libraries, Erotica and Pornography”, releases a book that could be considerate as the Masturbation’s encyclopedia: “The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal – 2003, 335 pages, $22.00”. This book is very informative and can be easily enjoyed by professionals and general public, since its approach is as simple as its content.

The author uses many historic, academic and cultural researches to prove why this solo-act has the fame of being negative and positive at the same time. This book talks about masturbation as it would be an encyclopedia, because it doesn’t talk o­nly about this act; she introduces the animal environment and explains, for example, how and why they masturbate, while, in the same time, she quotes Dalai Lama’s and his opinion about masturbation.
Cornog examines trough this book a general need of knowledge about the masturbation subject, with some selected fine humour, many quotations from lots of sources as a way to interest anyone wishing to learn more about healthy sexual life.



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