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United States 9th.September. 2005.- Not everybody knows that in May the International Masturbation day is celebrated. It claims that you must spend some quality time with yourself, for it’s a way to show love from you to inner self. The invention of this celebration month took some specialist to think about current masturbation-approach with the internet globalization. What used to be a solo-sex-act is now, sometimes a collective o­ne. That is because the internet so- helpful in gathering people who wishes to masturbate in chat rooms, and that might as well result in a physically lonely act, but “sponsored” by other people, just like those phone sex services.

In Toronto, a sex shop called Come As You Are is co-sponsoring an event called “Masturbate-a-thon”, o­n 2006, May 14th, to raise funds to the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom, and it will be hosted by the amateur erotica queen “Seska Lee”. The event will feature two hours of live web cam performances by women that never masturbated in public before. Other event that will occur in the same day is the “Darklady’s Cum For a Cause”, in Portland, Oregon. This event aims to raise funds for organizations that promote sexual education and freedom.



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