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By Dr. Darci L. D. Janarelli

Oral sex performed o­n a man is otherwise known as Fellatio. It consists in the act of sucking and licking a penis with strokes simulating the coitus movements along with manual stimulation.

When well performed such a practice turns out extremely pleasurable in which a woman (sex-partner) is in total control of her manís sensations.

She will delightfully observe her partnerís heighten degrees of satisfaction and pleasure. As he that stays completely at her mercy in addition to her self-generated stimulation. Perhaps, there isnít a single man who doesnít enjoy seeing his partner getting at it. There are accounts o­n men giving up sexual relations as result of partnerís refusal to perform fellatio as part of foreplay. History has it as practice well in antiquity, with descriptions going back to ancient Egypt, where women called fellatrices were recognized as conspicuously wearing lips make up. There arenít special formulas or secrets as such for a good session of oral. As each individual has his own sensations as well as preferences with regards to mouth and tongue touch.

Hence what works for o­ne doesnít necessarily works for the other, after all, oral sex is a moment of great intimacy achieved through constant given and taken.

The frenulum region is however the most sensitive and erogenous area of the penis. Excessive manipulation exclusively o­n this spot might bring about some undesirable and even painful sensations as variation induces further stimulation.

Some men prefer deep throat (whole penis swallowed) swallow with harsh mouth strokes, whereas others o­nly enjoy the glans being sucked o­n and licked. The range of variations is quite ample and down to individual preferences. The sticking point concerning women is whether swallowing cum shots is directly related with STDís infections or not.

As in every sexual relation, unprotected oral sex is potentially risky to acquiring STDís, mainly HIV and HPV, owing to a possible presence of penile and mouthís lesions. In curbing it preservatives (flavored and colorful) are quintessential. As for the semen and its composition, o­nly 1% of ejaculated matter consists of spermatozoids. The remaining in its totality stems from the gallbladder and prostate fluids alike in that are found innumerous substances like for example zinc (essential trace mineral), vitamin C and essential proteins. Its scent and taste vary accordingly to the type of food and drink ingested. Spicy foods, tobacco and alcoholic beverages tend to leave the semen with a somewhat bitter taste and resilient acidic smell, whereas vegetarians and abstained individualsí have a more sweet-like taste and mild scent. In being swallowed the semen takes the same route to the stomach as of any given food, where it gets harmlessly digested.

There those who derive a good deal of pleasure from sucking, even though disliking the idea of cum shots inside their mouths, let alone having to swallow semen. I donít intend to discuss its merits, but it seems to me of utter importance that your repulse shouldnít be made obvious to your partner. If that comes to be the case, go to the bathroom unhurriedly and spit it out, or as ejaculation squirts, slowly but surely let it slip out through the corner of your mouth.

Your partner by and large will always beckon oral sex, and such is a good way to gear him up for penetration or simply please his whims. So, take advantage of your potential to enjoy it at its finest.


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