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Home -> Sexologists opinion -> Rough Guide On Masturbation and Toddlers

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Whose parent wouldn’t grow weary when spotting their kids masturbating for the first time? To my mind many find themselves in dire straits when this occurs.

We all went through this phase in childhood, some more casually and others more worked up. In which point got to do with cultural background and the whole family context in which the child gets placed. And all that we also sprang out from so much for our reactions in face of the facts, may reflect what we went through back in the day. Masturbation stands for self-indulgence recreational wise. Means merely plain exploration of the genitals done by almost every child. It might spring out when the child becomes capable of gripping (which happens about the fifth or sixth month) becoming frequent from the age two onwards.

Masturbation is viewed as average pattern among children, as in self-acknowledgement, never mind self-indulgence awareness. They’re simply playing with some body part likely to impart good sensations to them.

Certain patterns might be prematurely figured out while masturbating. As in a child (toddler) lies face up while rubbing her legs up against each other. To do so by the well- paced up sway of her hips or else thrusting upon the feet and hands, on her fours’.

Once they figured out how to rub their genitals on a doll or armchair, so far, a myriad of alternatives are going to be unveiled within their quest for pleasure. Yet the well- paced up handling of genitals by the hands, broadly doesn’t strike before aged two and a half.

As far as the frequency rate which a toddler gets to masturbate might range perhaps from several times a day to once a week. Given the most frequent timing is prior bedtime when could the child happen to grown bored or watching telly and gets there and then to pursue her bodily urges.

During masturbation the child might grow totally disconnected within her thoughts. One off masturbation sprees would mean absolutely normal if done by toddlers. They wind up by finding out how one suits oneself so- masturbated while exploring their bodies, as they probe along with their fingers, as of the caress imparted from rubbed up on objects, and so on. Most children carry on doing it just because they enjoy it. Actually, there are those who would do it more frequently because they‘re into some kind of mess (what points out to anxiety) or even so when being punished or pressed up to lay off masturbation. Therein some danger factor lies, once the child could grow rebellious from not being properly understood and then masturbate with vigour, getting herself hurt most likely. It could be very painful, meanwhile pursuing self-punishment from being misled by meaningless information, in that doing something wrong, naughty, dirty. And we get a lot of it everyday.

Once the child finds out that masturbation yields pleasure, don’t count on she going to let go off it outright. Needless say she must be stopped by the most natural way as possible otherwise she might wind up by masturbating in front of other people.

By the time they reach age five or six, drops in frequency might occur or at least become more subdue. Masturbation in youth is almost universal, being linked to hormonal changes and the spring of sexual urges.

By masturbating the child would only derive pleasure. Masturbation in childhood won’t change the child’s sexual orientation neither would turn her into a promiscuous one. It’s a natural act that makes part of the sexual-affective furthering of a human being.

It’s of hallmark importance to highlight that masturbation in childhood stands for wholesome process. So long as dealt with due respect and safety by the parenthood, otherwise any failure in doing so could become highly detrimental to the shape of things to come.

In certain cases masturbation gets out of hand, overdone, even going out openly public when the parents come to realize it. Even if overdone there could come alongside panic attacks, growing weary, crying, there must be a paediatrician approached promptly since there stressful situations or even sexual harassment might be taking place.

Bear in mind, masturbation in childhood means as healthy as casual, but mustn’t be overlooked. It must be looked upon by the parents who’d better pass on meaningful information. To do so by guiding your kids towards healthy nurturing how they could live up their sexuality fully.


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