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United States - January 2nd, 2007: The teenage oral sex craze that has been reported in several researches is still drawing the attention of sex educators and sexologists, but most remarkably for parents.

Researches are showing that having oral sex is becoming more and more a common practice among adolescents ages ranging from 12-13, and particularly for girls. Alarming numbers show that for some teenagers, performing fellatio is as common as French kissing. While in 1990, 50% of boys and men received oral sex in most average dates, today the number has risen to 80%

Some specialists point that in someway, this oral sex “epidemic” is due to a misunderstanding in sex ed classes. Teenagers are more worried about pregnancy, so they are looking for alternative sex practices that may reduce the risk of getting pregnant. On the other hand, they are not getting the right information when it comes to the fact that oral sex carries also a high of sexual transmitted diseases.


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