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By Cláudio César Dutra de Souza

In contrast to male masturbation, performed by the lads naturally since early stages in life, the female masturbation such sexual practice surrounded by mystery and preconceived ideas preventing the achievement of needed naturalness as the generating source of sexual pleasure and self-knowledge.

The female masturbation unlikely male masturbation might be an art-like expression, made easy and copiously boosted by plenty of erotic imagery of the media broadcast. And women, in turn, not so visual oriented like men, so then, rarely a picture of a naked man would induce orgasm-like stimuli, since specialized magazines cater for the homosexual kind that, by and large, keep the typical male-oriented voyeurism.

Masturbation is efficient as means of our own body’s acknowledgement, non-addictive and not a cause of mental confusion, as it was prior thought. In practicing masturbation, a woman may unveil “avenues and routes” that lead to pleasure pathways and would be of great value for the sexual relation in terms of making easy for partners to know as to whether or not something would give her sexual pleasure.

In overcoming bias-laden masturbation, a woman herself gains access today to an industry of erotic toys in wide range of sizes and shapes readily available, , all of which for the so-purpose of sexual pleasure, given that device aided women are few and far who reportedly reached out orgasm.

But there are other alternatives, if those sex-toys aren’t much of your liking. As far as masturbation goes, take the idyllic douche while bathing, as much as a pillow placed cunningly between legs.

Countless are the techniques for choice making comes down to each gal’s degree of eagerness. The problem consists of, in the majority of cases, debunking bigotry and beginning to play with yourself, something that, rarely takes root, as most women o­nly come to terms with masturbation after their thirties, even worst, may never come to the realization that they can have sex with themselves.’

Though, more important than techniques and methods of masturbation, which are currently made readily available at the media, it’s a change in perception in dismissing taboos that still ingrain strongly in our society. To instances taboo, women should be chaste, righteous and so, truly, sex isn’t important for them, instead of the relation itself and feelings, which are utterly important and bound to render sex more pleasurable and soothing. However, that shouldn’t seclude sexual pleasure down to partner luring and subjected to institutionalization. It’s a trap that, unfortunately many women fall for, denying themselves all that men been doing in ages, not getting mad at either, neither getting sick nor loosing their “respectability”.

Masturbation does not cause frigidity, does not induce homosexuality let alone madness. Masturbation can be performed alone or accompanied, by the two’s or the threesomes’, with or without the aid of sex devices, but fantasy overloaded.

Hence get busy o­n it, literally, and I swear that your body and your mind will be pleased by your new acquisition.

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