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Home -> Sexologists opinion -> Understanding The Female Anatomy: A Self-Awareness Journey

By Dr. Darci L. D. Janarelli

A journey through the female body seems of uttermost importance, owing to the significant number of women still unfamiliar with their own sexual organsí anatomy, leading to misconceived ideas about their reality.

Letís set off from the mamma, though not a sexual organ plays as significant role in the female sexuality as with female vanity associated with self-esteem.

The two mammal glands are located in the thorax, being a certain size discrepancy normal. It consists of glandular tissue, which is responsible for producing milk in the gravid-puerperal period, providing prolactine builds up. Located in the central part of the mammal body is the areola-mammillae complex, consisted of the areola that frequently displays darker color, and the mammilla that receives o­ncoming lacteus ducts from the glandular system. The mammilla is an erectile organ extremely sexually sensitive and also responsive to cold and touch or pressure. Coming to the vulva consisted of four lip-shaped folds known as labia majora and labia minora, which come in different sizes and shapes. In the vulvar vestibule lays the main feminine sexual organ. Being the penisí analogue, the clitoris is an erectile and retractable tubelike organ covered by the prepuce (hood), being rendered sensitive to tactile stimulation by a network of nerve endings. Easily visualized o­n the upper part of the vaginal vestibule as it turns erectile during arousal period and thus retracts to hide behind the prepuce as orgasm draws near. Right below is the Urethral orifice, however located in the genital area, works independently with distinctive functions, despite its anatomical proximity.

The vagina is an organ with virtual light, elastic and with variable depth. o­n its upper region somewhere around the third distal the renowned G-spot is located, so desperately sought but hardly found at times.

In being such a complacent organ renders it capable of lodging penises of various sizes and thickness, except those whose length push the boundaries of the so-called average measurements. The uterine cavity located at the top end of the vagina is of great significance for early diagnose and therefore prevent uterine cancer through Papanicolaou test. Itís important to address that the penis never goes pass the vaginaís end, whereupon post ejaculation is the semen stored.

The uterine cavity extends further inside the pelvic cavity, in which a pear-shaped uterus is found. At the upper end o­n each side of whose in a region called cornua thereís a tubelike structure responsible for the sperm and ovum displacement as of fecundation named uterine tubes. By the way, itís in the tubes that fecundation takes place instead of the uterus, commonly thought by most.

Right below the oviducts is the ovary, o­ne o­n each side, being responsible for the ovum and hormonal production such as estrogen and progesterone, which regulate the menstrual cycle and thus set the female sexual characteristics.

With such brief and unpretentious debrief of the female anatomy, I hope having contributed for women and men alike may get a hint regarding the female body, condition all too often indispensable to topple myths, whence upkeep a healthy life style.

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