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Editors 22th.September.2005.- The voyeur behavior characterizes itself when a man or a woman get satisfied by watching other people naked, having sex or just heavily petting another people. That might vary, indeed. As some people like to watch, there are those who like to be watched while naked or having sex. However, this specific (and very normal) fantasy requires a little bit of attention, since being naked and/or having sex in public is illegal, but that does not mean that, if you are a voyeur, you can not practice your fantasy.

There is a closer way of being voyeur and that can happen just between the couple. To watch your partner masturbate can be a very effective way to satisfy this fantasy. That requires you to be very soft while asking your partner, because it cannot sound like a perversion. If both of you like the practice of being watched while having sex, a good tip is to open your window wide so your neighbors can enjoy it. But is very important to be discreet or your life will become a free show.

If you feel that the excitement and the taste for the thing are growing, another couple can be invited to join you two. But what must be very clear, since the beginning is everybody's limits and to let your partner to know that nobody will touch him (or her) unless he (or she) wants to.

A good way to get it started is to enhance this sexual experience in front of a mirror. According to its result you can try to step forward to another voyeur level. The most important thing is to innovate and to propose new and funny ways of lovemaking.


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