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By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Masturbation can be defined as a self or partner aided-stimulation of the genitals. Its main objective aims at sexual self-gratification and not o­nly genital stimulation as oppose to the general idea.

Masturbation is also associated to a 1 year old child’s oral pleasure, for example, whose satisfaction derives from the mouth. This is so because the self-manipulation happens by means of inserting body- parts (hands and feet) or anything within reach, toys inclusive, in the mouth. This kind of masturbation is called rudimentary.

Masturbation should be acknowledged as normal in any life-period. Among 3-4 year old children o­ne can observe the genital manipulation as they play. In this phase, masturbation usually comes along with fantasies stemming from a child’s imagination wondering what goes o­n when parents close the bedroom door. Fantasies generally go along with masturbation in variable degrees of intensity according to the individual’s necessity.

We know just too well that the act of masturbation promotes acknowledgement to the individual’s sexuality. In a way that we learn to relate sexually with ourselves, with our body’s functions, exploring further our pleasure spots and sensations, a contribution to the erogenous zones’. That ought to be a preparation to a lavishly and delightful sex life.

Meanwhile, the outcome of masturbation in an individual’s live hinges o­n the circumstances like emotional nature, that is to say it may reach its peak at puberty diminishing with adulthood to come to a gradual increase as aging approaches.

Masturbation can lead to orgasm or prolong pleasure. The orgasm reached through masturbation is by no means different from the o­ne obtained through intercourse. As everything in life masturbation has its down side, for its “dark side” lies ingrained in the people’s minds, who emotionally overburden offload their emotional luggage o­n masturbation. That isn’t something new. It’s conceded that the act of masturbation receives better attention nowadays. At the beginning of the 20th century masturbation was held as harmful with irreversible consequences like blindness and madness, impotency and sterility. Such stigmatization a consequence of a backward mentality, since people who live up Sex at best disregarding the reproductive concept, were doomed.

Masturbation for female and male:

The anatomical differences dictate how men and women derive pleasure from masturbation.

- The women usually starts out masturbating later than men. Reaching its peak at around 30-40 years of age. While masturbating a woman twists and presses up her finger fretting against the clitoris, whose sole function is to give pleasure. Also by tightening and relaxing her thighs or rubbing against a pillow or blanket mound, by means of vibrator, or direct contact at the clitoris with douche.

- Men generally initiate earlier at puberty. To masturbate men employ their hands sliding o­n the penis to and fro.

Masturbation still viewed as natural amongst men whereas women are likely to feel embarrassed fearing repression. As intimate masturbation shouldn’t be made public recklessly, but in the feminine circle it remains a taboo hardly ever mentioned. Which doesn’t necessary mean it’s not performed never the less.

A good point to bring across is that men and women who resort to masturbation should refrain from turning it the o­nly source of pleasure existent. Masturbation and intercourse, however connected, lead to different sensations. In masturbation o­ne seeks refuge in flipping back to the wildest fantasy there is in the back of o­ne’s mind. In the intercourse by contrast we share each other’s domain in mutual complicity. We should by all means avoid ostracism for all the experiences in trade-off with other people can make us grow inside and more mature. In addition, such an exchange may become worthwhile if it allows to know what the other has to offer. If taken from there masturbation could be performed by the two’s leading up to a blissful experience. It o­nly takes two to tango, just try it.

When we talk about masturbation we meant sexuality as in self-knowledge and discovery of the ultimate pleasure as well as anything else to do with positive aide in search for a healthy sexual attainment is noteworthy.

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