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By Anne Griza

It’s known that masturbation is the commonest practice throughout several stages of our lives. Most people, at some point of their lives, gets down to it. No matter how normal or healthy it might be, all that is overdone can’t do you any good. So, what are the boundaries between normal and pathological as far as masturbation concerns?

There isn’t any disease directly related to masturbation in psychology. Though, to practice this activity with high frequency might indicate a giveaway sign of some disorder, or else, of some dysfunction in sexuality.  Once within it, besides the physical engagement, there’s the element of fantasy, which is highly powerful.

How many times someone gets to masturbate oneself is not the rule to find out about the existence of any concern. What defines the act of masturbation lies beyond pleasure and whichever means it serves.

We could think of someone in for Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, which employs masturbation as a way of ridding the mind from obsessive sexual thoughts that foster dissatisfaction. So whimsicalities some such as bad sexual performance, hidden-desires towards intangible people, among others, may hasten someone to masturbate compulsively so as to get rid of his thoughts.

The disorder here is not masturbation itself, but though, obsession, that leads into the act of masturbation to push into the back of the mind a concern that makes someone suffer.  

In certain sexual disorders, such as paraphylia (pedophilia, fetishism, sadomasochism, for instance), one needs to masturbate in order not to seek out satisfaction for personal necessities along with someone else, as it means otherwise quite detrimental and ill-chosen.  In cases as such, masturbatory urges smokescreen the person’s inner most desires, since in his fantasy, one gets to strike upon whichever sexual activity suits him best.

Since fantasy has no timing or location, one might spend a good deal of time beating around the bush only for the sake of self-indulgence. Other drawbacks, yet, bear a rather resilient sexual element, as in certain cases of mental retard, schizophrenia, on the use of any given enhancement drug, or other disorders. Thus masturbation is part of a dysfunction and not its cause. So sex, in these cases, is rather subconsciously than a real urge to put it into action.

There goes without saying that sex is part of the instinct of survival of the species, and just as many disorders likewise there is mental degeneration of the person, in which point such patterns of instinct could emerge rather easily than those cases otherwise absent of any given problem.

To masturbate is healthy and only the person himself knows exactly what is much too much all about. If one happens to feel uncomfortable with own antics, or might be placing people into embarrassing situations, could seek medical or psychological aid in order to come to terms with it.  Whenever in doubt, expertise backup is the best way out.

A great many people may not seek out help from feeling self-conscious of their moves. What they forget most, however, it’s that health personnel got prepared to listen up and attempt to be there for them reassuringly. Shame, in these cases, it’s no excuse to keep on backtracking. Each individual’s sexual life bears significant importance along with singular details; the deeper it gets the better for the individual.


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