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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Young Japanese become initiated to masturbation from an increasingly earlier age

Japan 4th.October.2005 - As adult oriented (and most of the time, hardcore) content became daily more available through the internet, kids are likely to experiment with some unusual objects for masturbation.

Moved by the curiosity that's common during adolescence and the naughtiness of the material they find on the internet, adolescents are making surgeries to remove foreign objects from one orifice or another more common among urologists and gynecologists. Experimental masturbation may become serious issue, because once a problem like something being stuck, people are extremely embarrassed and afraid of seeking medical treatment.

Doctors are worried about websites that promote masturbation by insertion of objects in the urethra or using an actual vaginal speculum as a sexual toy. While some cases require only forceps or an endoscope to solve, for others is necessary surgery. Doctors explain that if a penis is inserted into a ring for example, it may cause the member to putrefy.


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